Our activities in textile sector which started in 1960’s came up to 1980’s by showing a lot of diversity of production (rugs, blankets, jute yarn etc.). After that, our ongoing change in this sector had been continued with entering into carpet manufacturing. At 2,000’s by completing our export configuration, we became one of well known company in our sector. The KOZA name that we used at our re-configuration comes from silk which one of the main material of carpet. Just like providing transformation of caterpillar to butterfly, KOZA also symbolize our transformation to more successful and more institutional company. As KOZA Carpet, our aim is to offer the best through combining the latest technology with our rich color pallet and design. According to this aim, under DOKUTEKS name we performed export to over 30 countries. We have established our new facility at Gaziantep 1st Organized Industrial Site with 20,000 m² indoor and at total 51,000 m² and with our expanding capacity, we have continued to our services. We indicate our mission, expanding our marketing area, being open to new ideas and improving ourselves. According to this mission, we have been continuing with our all efforts.